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First Friends - Confessional
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Date: October 17 2008
Podcaster(s): Mynuet
Type: Chaptered Fic
Over Time: First Friends by Mynuet
In a series of vignettes spanning ten years, Draco and Ginny form an enduring friendship, which eventually leads to more. Drugged confessions, Playstation abuse, weddings, Christmas shopping, blind dates, stripteases, an exploding wand, and R/Hr on the si
Genre: Angst
Rating: Definitely Naughty
Size: 17mb
Duration: 19 min
Description: Me reading aloud the first vignette of my story Over Time: First Friends. Sorry for how rough my voice sounds - it's much nicer to hear Persephone33 read, but she deserved a break. :)

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